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The Ultimate Daily 7-Minute Workout For Stressed Out Moms!

Transform Into A Mighty Mom!

  • Brand New 7-Minute High Energy Workout Every Day
  • Mia’s Personal 7 Day Meal Plan To Get The Body You Want
  • Community Forums To Answer Your Questions

Do this for yourself. Do this for your family!

Daily workouts. 7 Day Meal Plan. Community Forums. 

3.5 Hours Of Brand New Workout Videos Every Month For Only $7

New Daily Workout Video!

Never get bored with the same old recycled videos you find every where else like YouTube. Mia shoots a brand new workout for you every day!


Top Notch Nutrition

Follow Mia’s years of experience with her healthy nutrition & community to help you achieve the lifestyle goals you are striving for long term!

Make New Friends Inside!

Access our member’s only community forums that help support each other to live a healthy lifestyle with fitness, nutrition, or just mom stuff!

Mia has helped guide moms for over 25 years!  

Mia has dedicated her life to living healthy and helping others get fit. A World Champion Kick Boxer and thousands of people guided by her programs in person and on TV, Mia is your secret weapon to becoming the best version of yourself in only 7 minutes a day! At age 52 with two beautiful daughters, she is in better shape than most women half her age!

Top Notch Nutrition

Mia is not just another loud mouth on the internet with bad information that doesn’t work. She has been practicing what she preaches her whole life! If you want to feel great, and have more than enough energy to use playing around with your kids, then come inside and follow Mia’s bullet proof nutrition guides! 

Community Forums

There is nothing better than the feeling of belonging to a supportive group of people. Come inside and share all kinds of advice and stories on nutrition, workout advice, support, before & after results, or just to talk about your daily life. We are all here for each other!

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Learn To Eat Like A Mighty Mom!

As a mom on the go, we all need higher energy levels! So often we feel sluggish or fully run down. Fuel yourself with Mia’s Menu and join the community to ask any and all your nutrition related questions for great advice from Mia herself and experienced members!

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Save Your Favorite Workouts!

Mia is going to be adding a fantastic new workout video every single day. There are going to be a lot that you will want to save and use again another day, so we have a built in feature that allows you to save any video to your personal favorites list. You can access these videos anytime and go through them one after another to make your own longer workout sessions!

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